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I Am The CHANGE I Seek A Primer In Self Realization Kathleen Suneja

Other Works

Tomorrow’s Destiny
To my grandmother, the Maharani of Vidarbha
In our search for new horizons
For a future as yet unmade
We shape our present with decisions
Giving Time the benefit of the doubt
Our hopes pinned on a future we seek
In which there are no mistakes
Except those unintended
No path is easy or straight

The promise of tomorrow
Is filled with gifts, new and old
Those scraps of things unused
Lying in wait for some rainy day
When our need for them will come fulfilled
Kathleen Das Suneja
"Tomorrow's Destiny" was published in the anthology,
entitled "The Best Poems and Poets of 2007"

The Lilac City
Lilacs in spring
Swaying in the breeze
Indeed, a sight to behold
On a frosty spring day
In such unsettled times
This tranquil sight
Brings peace to the soul
In our days and in our nights
Our lives would be sheer delight
If we would just find
A way to make them last
Through the cold dreary days
Of old man winter
Kathleen Suneja
"Lilac City" was published in "Timeless Voices" in 2006.

Fallen Heroes
To our soldiers
Lying under common earth
At peace in their last repose
Young souls, too early in death
At the end of their time
Flashes on evening news show
Young, happy faces full of life
Lost to a grateful nation at war
How do we find peace in this time
Ask those loved ones left behind
That search for honor in death
Of the last moments of valor
In their passing, in details
Did they die an honorable death
To make their death worthwhile
Is this ancient land of Iraq
The cradle of civilization
Or is it just a troubled land
Of divided loyalties for all to see
It will inevitably be seen
As those who have no real answers
As just another adventure
Kathleen Suneja
"Fallen Heroes" was published in a book entitled "Forever Spoken" and
"The International Who's Who in Poetry" in 2007.

To “Babu” Kedar Nath
Life is a palette of colors
A symbol of our Creator
Black, white, brown, and yellow
Yet we define ourselves
By color, race, and creed

At every turn our wisdom is
Written by those who so define
A foreigner in his mind
By the color codes instead

We live so as to give
To others the joy we receive
Our honor rests on every turn
To learn from every deed

Deeds define us, not our color
They are the symbol of our honor
In this we gain delight and pleasure
In the miracle that we are.
Kathleen Suneja
"Color" was published in the Anthology "The Best Poems & Poets of 2005."

Source: "The International Library of Poetry" Howard Ely, editor

Copyright © 2011. Kathleen Suneja. All Rights Reserved.