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I Am The CHANGE I Seek A Primer In Self Realization Kathleen Suneja

Giving Thanks

Posted by Kathleen Suneja - November 29th, 2013

Each day is a day for giving thanks for what we have to give to others so that they may overcome adversity in the time of need. Our life force is a measure of our ability to become whatever we want to be within our power. When we empower ourselves by extension we reach our highest potential and thus become our most real self. Extending our reach means reaching into the self to realize the very essence of the life we want to make for ourselves. How do we want to live? “I live” in reality is to experience being alive as if for the first time in self-realization; “I love” is to know how to love by being in the flow of our conscious inner being; “I am” is to know the whole of the self in body, mind, spirit and soul.

To know the “is” becomes the greatest challenge because then we seek truth without being judgment. Then we become greater than the adversity we are attempting to overcome.

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