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I Am The CHANGE I Seek A Primer In Self Realization Kathleen Suneja


Posted by Kathleen Suneja - October 25th, 2013

To Calm the mind is essential to Self-Realization.

Therefore I share a few steps towards CALMING THE MIND:

First, Begin by rejecting and erasing memories and emotions related to past hurts and adversities. Pas emotional hurts are unhelpful to self-realization.

Second, Commit yourself to clearing the mind of all past hurts and troubles.

Third, Focus upon the NOW. Find solutions on best to overcome adversity.

Fourth, Embrace the PRESENT MOMENT. It is all that counts.

Fifth, Evaluate yourself in the most favorable light. Assess your strengths and find ways to overcome your weaknesses.

Sixth, Give yourself the best evaluation possible and start from this point of thought.

Seventh, Inventory your options based on these strengths: what can you do to overcome past adversity.

Eight, Be realistic in making demands upon yourself. Find victory in small steps towards your modest goals.

Nine, Regain confidence in yourself by growing your options towards a higher goal which is not a material goal, but one that is non-material, that is gain satisfaction from the knowledge that you have matured and progressed in your personal growth.

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