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I Am The CHANGE I Seek A Primer In Self Realization Kathleen Suneja

About the Book

Each individual had to seek new pathways to successfully summon the courage to change. To embrace this change meant the beginning of a new era of consciousness. Breaking out of the depths of fear to overcome self-doubt is a journey in pursuit of the self. I Am The Change I Seek: A Primer In Self Realization reveals how finding the path to inner discovery will make all the difference in how each one lives his or her life

The author’s journey to self-realization began during the dark days of the Cold War. As did many others, she lived in the shadow of an oppressive regime. Then she made a conscious choice to take a stand against this dictatorial regime and assert the right to live in freedom. She made the choice and was prepared for the consequences. And her determination to change this condition opened the doors to life-changing conditions. By fighting oppression, she experienced a spiritual renewal that uplifted her and built faith in her own capacity to control her life.

The purpose of this powerful book is beyond the challenge of political tyranny but is the process of rebuilding the self through new pathways to self-renewal. Freedom is the opportunity to renew by creating a path for improving one’s life and listening to one’s inner self.

Suneja hopes that “I am the change I seek” will become a chant, a mantra that will allow people to change collectively and individually so as to embrace a new vision for all who lived in the depths of repression.

Copyright © 2011. Kathleen Suneja. All Rights Reserved.